Simple and sophisticated the clock is a great focal point to any room and does so much more than just show the time. Adding character and elegance we can understand why we might catch you clock watching. Which one makes you tick?

Whether you’re a new home owner, recently renting or just want to add a little ambience to a room then you’ve come to the right place! Adding a little something to your house can make a world of difference and it’s oh so satisfying to see! No matter how big or small, light or dark your home is, we can offer a range of wondrous ways to transform your delightful den from our homeware range!

So, Father’s Day 2018 is just around the corner (Sunday the 17th of June for the forgetful amongst us) and if you’re anything like me you’ll desperately scour the internet for days (maybe even weeks) struggling to find that perfect present dad will just looooove! BUT, it’s just SO darn difficult and EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. he ends up with the same old mug and socks set that he absolutely could have done without *sigh*.